Enhance the file type filter in the JSON Viewer Open file dialog


The majority of my JSON files use the standard .json extension. Every time I go to open one, I have to change the file type filter from the default "Yahoo! Pipe files (.run)" to "json files (*.json)" which gets annoying after a while! :)
It would be good if the Open dialog "remembered" the previously-selected file type filter & pre-selected it upon subsequent opens. It would be GREAT if the dialog could either default to .json (since this is the standard JSON extension), or "All files (.)" (so that users will filter only if needed) OR a brand new filter value that combines all known JSON file types eg. "All JSON files (.run, *.json)".

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AliHK wrote Jul 17, 2013 at 2:11 AM

I've provided a patch for this, you can download it by going to the Source Code tab for this CodePlex project, selecting the Patches submenu item, and downloading the patch with ID 14831.

It has both the source and the binary (so you don't have to recompile).

It's also attached here (Patch.zip).